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Culture & Tourism

Official Navajo Nation Government site
Governmental information, chapter house agencies with websites, etc

Discover Navajo
Navajo Nation tours, art, museums, trading posts, parks, monuments etc.

Navajo Nation Wikipedia page
Navajo Nation history, government, geography, demographics, economy, etc.

Ádahooníłígíí – Wikipedia
Monthly periodical printed in the Navajo language. Digital files available through  The University of Arizona. 

Navajo Times Newspaper
Website for Navajo Nation periodical.
Interviews with Navajo Code Talkers

Miss Navajo Council
Site dedicated to all former Miss Navajo title holders.



Miss Navajo, documentary
For more than 50 years, the Miss Navajo Nation beauty pageant has given its contestants opportunities to showcase not only their beauty but also their skills in dance, music and sheep slaughtering.

30-days: Living on the Navajo Reservation
Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days living on the reservation.

Navajo Film Festival
A celebration of our language in film.

KUED We Shall Remain
They call themselves Diné, which means The People. To the rest of the world they are known as Navajo.

See What Canyon Life Is Like for a Navajo Pageant Winner – Short film
Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument is a place where many Navajo families come to reconnect with their roots.

Finding Nemo/ Nemo Hádéést’įį’ Trailer 
Disney’s Finding Nemo was dubbed into Navajo. Listen to Somewhere Beyond the Sea in Navajo sung by Patrick Stump.

Star Wars dubbed into Navajo
Yeah, that happened.

More Than Frybread, comedy.
It’s the clash of the 21st Century, as frybread makers compete for the first ever, first annual, state of Arizona Frybread Championship!


Navajo Traditional Teachings
85 original YouTube videos about Navajo cultural.

The Navajo Long Walk
Information on The Long Walk 

Navajo Clan System
Information on familial clan system utilized by the Navajo people.

Navajo string games
Some information about winter string game

Navajo coyote stories
Stories told during the winter, about Coyote and other animals. YouTube Playlist

Navajo taboos
Examples of taboos in Navajo culture. Some are still observed today.  

Navajo Rugs
Explanation and samples of designs and history of Navajo Rugs.
How it is Made video by the Discovery Channel. 
Quick guide to Navajo rugs
Regional Navajo Rug History
Navajo Rugs at The Cameron Trading Post

Navajo Food 

How to Make Navajo Frybread
Learn to make some Navajo Frybread. You won’t regret it.

How to Make Navajo Pinto Beans for Navajo Tacos
Pinto beans with pork is what our family uses traditionally. I also use a quick chili recipe for friends: 1 lb cooked ground beef,  ADD 1 can drained black beans, 1 can drained pinto beans, 2 cans of stewed tomatoes and this spice recipe.  Add Cayenne to taste. Leave out the beef if you are vegetarian.

Navajo Picadilly 
The latest snack sensation on the Navajo Reservation. Navajos love dill pickles.
Personal Note: I love this with Pop Rocks!!

Navajo Tea
Every Navajo loves their Navajo tea. 


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