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Audio/Visual Multimedia

Navajo Languages Lessons YouTube Channel
Live streamed recordings of Navajo lessons and stories.

Navajo Language Learning Series
Three helpful videos explaining speech articulation, tonality and dipthongs.

Clayton Long Navajo Language YouTube Channel
Lessons and Stories, hosted by Clayton Long.

Daybreakwarrior’s YouTube Channel
Songs, Navajo lessons. Videos have Navajo captions

Navajo Sentence Structure Part 1 
YouTube video explaining how to construct Navajo sentences. Video Part 2

NMSU Videos – English/Navajo
NMSU Traditional Navajo Cooking – Navajo & English
NMSU Building a Cold Frame Greenhouse – Navajo & English
NMSU The Story of BAC – Navajo & English
NMSU Lamb and Wool: Adding Value, Telling Your Story – Navajo & English
NMSU New Plant Orientation Safe and Easy- Navajo & English

Navajo Coyote Stories YouTube Playlist
Coyote and Skunk, Coyote and Beavers, Coyote and Horned Toad, Coyote and Lizards, Coyote and Mountain Lion, Navajo Shoe Game, Coyote Steals Fire, Coyote and Turtle

Navajo Tales: The Stars
A film by Julio Berrio, Jared Mathews, Dallin Penman.

Engaging Schools to Support the Local Community Expectations for Language Learning,
English Only. An overview of how other Indigenous communities have changed their perception of language use and engaged in an approach that affirms and renews an appreciation of their language within the community.

Navajo Word of the Day
A daily post of Navajo phrases or vocabulary with audio, dedicated to presenting the Navajo language in a simple format. Soundcloud Archive and Download eBook.
Audio recordings of Navajo text or Transcripts of submitted Navajo content. Check Navajo queue if you are interested in participating.
Navajo words with some audio

New Testament in Navajo, Hymnal song recordings

KTNN Radio-The Voice of the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nations own radio station, DJs speak in Navajo. Live Online Stream of  the station available. Check their schedule for their news hour to hear more Navajo.

KNDN 960AM Radio-All Navajo All The Time
Online stream of KNDN 960AM Broadcasting out of Farmington, New Mexico.
KNDN Website. Secondary stream, Tune In Stream Link.

General Conference Addresses and Book of Mormon Audio/Video
Conference addresses in Navajo by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. English text available here in every May and November issue.


Duolingo Navajo Course
Beginner Navajo course. List of all the vocabulary utilized is here, and another user provides a detailed explanation here in the forum.

Countryboy79’s Navajo Page
Some Navajo text to read and listen to. Search around the site for content.
Multimedia website with games, vocab, numbers, pronunciation audio

Navajo Curriculum Materials
Long list of Navajo books, videos, tapes, DVDs available for purchase. Worth looking at.

Navajo language books w/ MP3 – Audio Forum
A few Navajo language study books that can be downloaded with MP3 audio files. Cheaper and quicker than paperback and CD purchase.

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