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Where are all the Navajo Tutors?!

February 26, 2022
Online tutoring is available for many languages, where can I find a Navajo tutor?

I googled “Diné bizaad tutor” and “Navajo language tutor”.

Do you know how many people I found that offered services as a Navajo language tutor?

Only 3!

Do you know how many forum posts I’ve come across that are looking for Navajo tutors?

More than 3.

This needs to be corrected. I know there are more than three Navajo instructors out there who are qualified enough to offer tutoring to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Navajo learners.

Here’s what I am gonna offer because it is difficult to find a Navajo language tutor online.

If you have some background with Navajo language teaching and offer tutoring services online, or in-person, leave a blog comment below with some contact information and a sentence or two about yourself. This way there is a list of Navajo tutors if anyone is looking for one.

If there is a good response of instructors I might start a tutor directory. ;)

Photo credit: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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