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New App: Navajo Keyboard

December 4, 2012

NavKeyboard app 3With the help of Twitter I have discovered a new useful Navajo app. The Navajo Keyboard app is just that, a keyboard to type in Navajo. The default iPhone/iPod keyboard has some functionality as a Navajo keyboard, but doesn’t have the nasal marks for any of the vowels. Accents are plentiful because of their frequency in other languages, but nasal-less vowels leave Navajo writers at a disadvantage.

The app is free and it works great, but it takes some getting use to. The biggest drawback is that it is not integrated directly into the default iPhone/iPod keyboard. Nope, this is a completely separate app.The app functions as a sort of notepad and keyboard. Type what you want and use it where you want. The app does allow you to send your text via email, send IMs, and post as a tweet. It looks like posts to Facebook can be made from the preview images on the app page, I don’t use Facebook on my iPod so I can’t confirm this. For any other use the text must be typed in the app, copied, switch apps and paste into a text field of your choice.

Now this is only for iPhone/iPod users. Someone mentioned on Twitter that Droid has something already, but with not having a Droid product at my disposal it is difficult to verify this. If there is any one else that would like to find, test, and review the Droid counterpart let me know. In the meantime, go and check out the app .

There a few Navajo keyboard options to use on both iOS and Android phones.
Navajo Keyboard iOS
Navajo Keyboard Plugin Google Play store
Dine/Eng Keyboard Google Play store

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  1. October 19, 2013 9:03 am

    Download our Navajo Keyboard for Android OS today! #learnNavajo #NavajoKeyboard @NativeInnovate @NavajoWeb

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