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Looking to 2012 – Resolutions

January 14, 2012

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The year 2011 came and went. I thought I would share some info on frequented posts and materials of 2011. I will also share my Navajo Now resolutions for 2012. The follow resolutions are in no particular order.

Resolution 1, get a podcast up and running. Navajo is very auditory and I want to promote that. There are some logistics with equipment I have to resolve. There is still some amount of planning that needs to go into this for it be successful. I won’t go into making an audio podcast haphazardly. I really want something for the public to use. The goal is be up and running during the Summer, let’s say June 2012.

Resolution 2, more updates on Twitter/Facebook. A large number of my target audience is online, especially Facebook. I want to integrate more things via social media. I like posting lists of words from the Navajo-English dictionary, it gets very good feedback from everyone. I think I will start including phrases as well. Stay tuned.

Resolution 3, reader involvement. I would like to involve my audience in the blog. I would also like to have guest writers. This could be a person who is learning like myself, a fluent speaker, or even an instructor. I think this would open up our understanding of the language from many perspectives. If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating please email at NavajoNowBlog (at) Gmail (dot) com with a topic of interest.


2011 Statistics

For the year 2011, I have gone through some of my WordPress statistics information and found what were the most read blog posts and also most viewed language materials. This was the simplest method I could contrive to avoid clutter. These are in descending order.

Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Posts-Of those who visited the blog, most read these posts
Navajo Font vs Navajo Keyboard
Talking Navajo Before You Know It—Free Navajo phrase booklet
Part of my language learning strategy
Navajo Toddler – iPhone/iPod App
uTalk Navajo iPhone/iPod App
Winter = Coyote Stories

Most Popular Navajo Materials
-Most blog visitors looked up these links Navajo flashcards
Talking Navajo Before You Know It
Saah Ahaah Sinil – A Navajo-English Dictionary
Talk in Navajo: Wherever u are, Conversational Navajo
Diné Bizaad Bóhoo’aah Level 1-audio Loads slowly
Kii Bighan- Kii’s House Dine Keyboard Word of the Day Online Navajo Demo

I’m looking forward to 2012. I hope everyone else is too.

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