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Favorite Links of 2011

January 14, 2012

Flickr user: nataliej

I am very satisfied with how many links are available on Navajo Now. There are varied links to different organizations, websites, videos, books and other text, and flashcards. Out of all the materials that I have found I believe these are my favorite because they open up the availability of Navajo language, definitely give them star treatment in your Navajo language study.

KTNN 660 AM iPhone/iPod Touch App
Until a few years ago KTNN was limited to those who could find KTNNs frequency on a radio dial. So many more people were able to listen to KTNN when they started providing an audio feed on their website. What is even cooler is that KTNN can be heard on your iPhone or iPod Touch anywhere at anytime!!

Navajo Nation Radio Network Website
There are a handful of radio stations in New Mexico and Arizona that broadcast short 15minute spots in Navajo. This site gives you access to the MP3 files of those broadcasts, most exclusively in Navajo.

Daybreakwarrior’s YouTube Channel
Daybreakwarrior does an awesome job with frequently uploading Navajo language content. He has a Navajo Word of the Day series right now that is interesting. Thus adding to his many other videos that include songs, and a few other lessons. And the best part is that he has subtitles in Navajo and in English.

Navajo Wikiibíídiiya
That is… Navajo Wikipedia. All written content in Navajo about plants, animals, and information about the Navajo Nation itself.

Flashcard Exchange – Navajo decks
Someone has taken the time to type and upload about 660 flashcards. The decks cover some vocabulary and also some useful phrases. Navajo Lesson #1 (105 Cards), Navajo Lesson #2 (126 Cards), Navajo Lesson #3 (155 Cards), Navajo Lesson #4 (137 Cards), Navajo Lesson #5(138 Cards) Bizaad and
Glossary of terms, colors, numbers, days of the week, kinship, etc. Audio is available. NOTE: You will need to have a Navajo Font set up on your computer to view some pages correctly.

Google-digitized books
Not all ebooks are created the same, even books in the public domain. Although I have found quite a few other ebooks that are in the public domain… some books are sadly not available for download. Pages can be downloaded one by one at Hati Trust. Google-digitized books can be downloaded in full-text. Please refer to the Reading Material page for specific works.


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