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iTunesU Navajo content

December 21, 2011

NMSU on iTunesU

I have never really thought of searching iTunesU for Navajo audio or video content. A quick search revealed quite a few videos. Most of the videos I found exclusively in Navajo are produced by New Mexico State University. Here’s a list of the videos:

BAC Files
The Story of BAC
Traditional Navajo Cooking
Lamb and Wool
Pesticides: Safe and Easy
Building a Cold Frame Greenhouse
New Plant Orientation

The videos are very well produced. All the videos were first produced in English then dubbed in Navajo. Each video has an English version for download as well, so if you get stuck you can refer to the other video.

The audio quality is actually pretty good. I really like watching these videos because there are real time visual cues while listening to Navajo. Just to warn you, The Traditional Navajo Cooking made me hungry.

There might be more videos available; here is a list of other videos. I am unsure if these videos are exclusively in Navajo. If you are interested the contact information is on the same page.

Note: To view and download these videos you will need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

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