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2010 Presidential Election

June 30, 2011

The 2010 Navajo Nation Presidential election was held last year. I wish I had been a little more involved in the election. I guess I will be “involved” shortly. Let me explain how.

I was searching for YouTube videos with the keyword KTNN to find more radio broadcasts that someone might have uploaded. Well, I came across excerpts of a KTNN forum speaking to candidates running in the presidential race last year. I noticed he spoke a majority of the time in Navajo. This particular candidate has his very own YouTube channel and many other videos from his speeches all over the Navajo Nation.

Well THEN I became curious about the other candidates.

If they followed the same pattern as this particular candidate, then there had to be more Navajo content to listen to, right?

I was right!

I found at least two more channels that would be helpful for listening to Navajo. There is a channel for Lynda Lovejoy, Daniel Peaches, and also the winning candidate President Ben Shelly. I did not find any other channels for the remaining candidates. Here is the list of candidates from Wikipedia. Search YouTube with a candidate’s name to see if there are more videos.

I will be listening to these speeches over and over again. Listening to these speeches will be interesting. Most candidates speak, more or less,on the same topic matter.

Here are a few examples from the three candidates I mentioned. First, Peaches, Lovejoy, then Shelly.

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