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Navajo Nation Broadcast Services

June 16, 2011

5.2020 This broadcast service is not longer available.

The Navajo Nation has its broadcast media department information online. I ran into the website sometime ago and peeked around for any content worth passing on. It is here that I first discovered that our nation had a television station and that it previously broadcasted video in Navajo. When you reach the main page there is a notice for visitors like you and I saying that the television station is off-the-air. I naturally wondered how long it would be until broadcasting would begin again and emailed staff members on the contact page. No answer yet. There was an article not too long ago that informed the public that Navajo television would be available some time this year.

There is also information on Navajo radio on the same site. I believe they produce audio to be broadcast over a dozen or so different radio stations. They provide a list of stations here. I noticed that at the beginning of June this site started uploading audio content, I guess, they distribute to the other stations. There is a speech from our current President and other audio content. The files are available for download. Go to this page, click on the link in the calendar and you will see a mp3 at the top. Right-click and save to your hard drive.

It is decent audio for those who want to listen to Navajo. Although, this audio might be more appropriate for intermediate to advanced Navajo learners, but go ahead and have a listen anyway. I’ve posted a few below.

Navajo Veterans Affairs Update – Tim Goodluck

Tsehootsooi Medical Center Update – Tina James-Tafoya

7/21/2011 UPDATE: It seems as though as the NN Radio Network updates their calendar every month the previous month of audio no longer is available. Save each month’s worth of audio before they take it down, you won’t be able to access it again.


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