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Flashcards, Pronouns, and a folder

January 20, 2011

I have been steadily using the flashcard program Anki (available via Amazon Appstore too) quite regularly for about a week or so. I have not yet uploaded some Navajo terminology yet. I am in the process of making them and uploading them for use. I have to find a way around the font since the program doesn’t seem to support the Navajo font.

Right now I like the idea of mastering Navajo pronouns ahead of some other vocabulary. I have no real rational for this other than, “I think it could prove useful”. I have been trying to master Spanish adjectives using Anki which has me thinking I should develop a flashcard deck dedicated to Navajo adjectives as well. Navajo is a very descriptive language, why not learn adjectives. The trick will be trying to find a list or developing my own list of adjectives.

While unpacking some boxes a few weeks back I found a folder from a high school Navajo class my sister took. The outside was pretty tattered but there were lists of Navajo vocabulary, most of them categorized.

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